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Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square Dance



Hello interested dancers;

 Over the last 3 years dancers have shown an interest in the concept of re-branding square dance.  We have chosen to use the word Re-Image since it is a new image of square dancing we will be defining and promoting.  The following status update is below and links to a PowerPoint presentation and handout sheet in Adobe pdf file. 

 The Alliance for Round, Traditional, and Square Dance (ARTS-Dance)


Jim & Judy Taylor, Chairman

 After Ken Rituccis Re-branding speech during the 60th NSDC in Detroit in 2011, a group met and discussed the subject.  During that meeting we collected the email address of several folks interested in this issue.

 Ken also addressed a group in 2012 during the 61st NSDC in Spokane. We collected more email addresses who attended that discussion. All of the people who provided their email address indicated they are interested in helping with this project.

 On June 30, 2013 we attended the 2013 ARTS meeting in Oklahoma City. During that meeting we presented the idea that is was time to do something . . . to take action. The ARTS Board was receptive to our idea. They created a Re-Imaging Committee and asked us to serve as Chair, we enthusiastically agreed and have been working on this project since that time. Roy Gotta, ARTS Board member and Jerry reed ARTS Executive Director also serve on this committee. As with many committees such as this, it took some time to get started. During the past few months we have been making good progress.

Goals we have identified include:


This project needs many hands to help make a difference.  Here are talents we need:
  • Webmaster

  • Facebook, Twitter,etc.

  • Graphic artist

  • Researcher

  • Ad writer

  • Videographer

  • Funding (corporate sponsors, grants, etc.)

  • Media consultant to book ads

  • Person to collect successful ideas

  • Director or Chairman

  • Communication specialist to get club participation

 Current status of the Plan:


Re-Imaging Square Dance PowerPoint Presentation

Handout of the Re-Imaging Square Dance PowerPoint Presentation

ARTS Re-Imaging 5 Year Plan