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"Square Dancing 101" - Elementary Edition

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California Square Dance Council, Inc. Presents

“Square Dancing 101” - Elementary Edition

Square Dancing 101 is a comprehensive workbook designed for teachers or youth group leaders who want to teach Modern Western Square Dancing to their class or youth group. While targeted at a younger audience, this manual can be utilized by any age group wanting to learn the basic square dance movements - even adults!

The 3-ring binder/manual includes:

  • Written instructions for teaching the basic square dance movements, broken down into 8 easy lessons that can be further broken down into up to three additional sessions. Text is supplemented by photographs and diagrams to show proper set-ups and dancer positioning.

  • 3 CD set with lessons and reviews prepared by a professional square dance caller using high-energy, hip music enjoyed by children and adults alike.

  • 1 Bonus CD featuring additional reviews and dance music.

  • History of Square Dancing informational article - suppliment your Social Studies program!

  • Information and resources for locating square dance clubs throughout California and the United States.

  • Scholarship Information for youth square dancers.

  • Information on the California Youth Square Dance Competition, held annually in April. Open to any youth square dancers, youth groups or school teams.

  • Information on organizing and maintaining a youth square dance group.

Square Dancing 101” Workbooks is $49 ea. (+ 7.25% Sales Tax = $52.55 ea.) plus $10 Shipping

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